IPL 2024: Ashwin reveals Mumbai Indians’ tactics to secure Hardik Pandya in a strategic trade move

In a surprising turn of events during the IPL 2024 retention list announcement, Hardik Pandya shifted back to Mumbai Indians from Gujarat Titans. Although initially named in the Gujarat Titans’ retention list, it was later revealed that Pandya was traded to Mumbai Indians, a move officially confirmed by the IPL on Monday.

Noteworthy cricket figure Ravichandran Ashwin shared intriguing insights into the trading dynamics of IPL teams, particularly emphasizing the unique approach of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI), the two most successful franchises in IPL history. Ashwin highlighted their tendency to acquire players rather than release them, a philosophy that has contributed to their five titles each.


Ashwin recounted a past IPL trade proposal involving Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings during his captaincy. Despite Mumbai Indians expressing interest in trading David Miller with a substantial monetary offer, Ashwin insisted on a player exchange to address team needs, which proved challenging to finalize.

Adding a touch of humor to Hardik Pandya’s return, Ashwin likened it to a son returning home after achieving success elsewhere, stating, “It’s like calling up your son and telling him, ‘Hey son, here’s some money, go live the world, man. Go and get an MBA degree.'”

The move drew admiration from Ashwin, who highlighted Pandya’s leadership role with Gujarat Titans, including winning an IPL championship and reaching the final. Pandya’s desire to return to Mumbai Indians was acknowledged by GT Team Director Vikram Solanki, expressing respect for his decision and wishing him success in future endeavors.