IPL 2024: Ahmedabad crowd boos Hardik Pandya as Mumbai Indians skipper steps out for toss

The scene was rather unusual on the evening of today’s IPL match in Ahmedabad when the local boy Hardik Pandya was booed by the crowd that once adored him for his glorious captain’s knock and valiant field dive that led her team to IPL glory.

As an extremely crucial encounter for the this edition of IPL 2024, Pandya walked toward the pitch to meet Shubman Gill, while Mumbai Indians for the toss. How did a local boy, venerated just a few months back, faced booing in this city? The reason was what the netizens might call, “disloyalty”


Hardik Pandya, the former captain of Gujarat Titans, left the team that he won the one season with ans two finals in two years of their play. It was not a simple team departure to leave Titans; it was him leaving the captaincy to reunite with his old team – Mumbai Indians. Pandya’s reunion with Mumbai Indians came amidst rumors of irk with then-captain Rohit Sharma.

According to the cricket gossip, Sharma reportedly wanted his captaincy to be with him despite the star player Pandya demanding leadership role in order to rejoin Mumbai Indians.

The boos Pandya received highlight the emotional landscape of IPL cricket.