IPL 2023: “Sledging meri aadat nahi hai,” Naveen-ul- Haq and Virat Kohli’s controversial clash continues as LSG all-rounder sparks new statement

The 2023 Indian Premier League witnessed a heated altercation between Indian cricket star Virat Kohli and Lucknow Super Giants pacer Naveen-ul-Haq during a recent match. The incident sparked a controversy that has been making headlines in the cricketing world. Tempers flared as Kohli and Naveen engaged in a verbal spat on the field, which escalated into a confrontation.

To add to the drama, Kohli also had a heated exchange with former India teammate Gautam Gambhir, further intensifying the tension on the field. The situation required intervention from their respective teammates to diffuse the situation and prevent it from escalating further.


In the aftermath of the game, both Kohli and Naveen took to social media, sharing cryptic Instagram stories that seemed to be aimed at each other. Fans and followers quickly picked up on the indirect jabs and engaged in speculation about the underlying tensions between the two players.

Amidst this ongoing exchange on social media, the Lucknow Super Giants took a different approach by posting a light-hearted video featuring a conversation between their pacers, Naveen and Avesh Khan.

The video aimed to shift the focus from the controversy and provide a more positive perspective. During their chat, Avesh presented Naveen with a question about whether he had engaged in sledging on the field. The duo burst into laughter, seemingly alluding to the incident involving Naveen during the match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. However, Naveen clarified that he had never resorted to sledging anyone upfront, downplaying the significance of the incident.

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The clash between Kohli and Naveen has raised eyebrows and ignited discussions among cricket enthusiasts and pundits. While on-field tensions and heated exchanges are not uncommon in the competitive world of cricket, it is crucial for players to maintain a level of sportsmanship and respect for the game. The incident serves as a reminder of the passion and emotions that can arise in high-stakes matches but also highlights the need for players to handle such situations in a more composed and professional manner.

As the Indian Premier League continues, fans will be closely watching the actions of both Kohli and Naveen to see if they can put this controversy behind them and focus on their performances on the field. It remains to be seen whether they can move forward and restore a sense of camaraderie in the spirit of the game.