IPL 2023 Qualifier 1: CSK holds the game for 4 mins, so that Pathirana can come back and bowl

A discussion held between CSK side and Umpires during the game.

Chennai Super Kings versus Gujarat Titans is going into a thriller time as the game could go either way. However, during the game MS Dhoni and side held a discussion with Umpires just to waste time and allow Pathirana bowl.

Dhoni walks up to the square leg umpire for a chat. A couple of his teammates also gather. It was about Pathirana who was off the field for a little bit and he can’t bowl until he’s served that time on the field. Play has been held up for more than four minutes. CSK were happy to wait out the time till Pathirana becomes eligible again.


As per rules, Pathirana was ruled out for some minutes, but as CSK wasted some time discussing with the Umpires about it, Sri Lanka bowler Pathirana bowled the over ahead of the Strategic timeout.