IPL 2023 Finals Live: Umpires assess pitch inspection; yet to make an official decision after second inspection

In a dramatic turn of events, the umpires have stepped out to inspect the pitch at 11:30 PM local time, 18:00 GMT, and 11:30 PM IST. All eyes are on the concerned pitch as the Super Sopper diligently works to remove any excess moisture. As the umpires closely observe, sawdust is being applied on the edges to ensure optimal playing conditions. The anticipation among players and fans continues to build as everyone eagerly awaits the decision following this crucial inspection.

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Despite the initial optimism and the efforts to resume play, rain once again intervened, causing further delays.

The frustration among players and fans reached its peak as the drizzle persisted, bringing the proceedings to a halt. However, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. The dedicated groundstaff has been tirelessly working to address the issue with the soaked practice pitch. Their diligent efforts have shown progress, and the pitch is in much better condition than it was 20 minutes ago.