IPL 2023 Final: What’s the latest start time for a Super Over-only contest on reserve day?

The highly-anticipated IPL 2023 final between the Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans faced an unexpected hurdle caused by continuous rainfall in Ahmedabad on Sunday (May 28). Consequently, the match was rescheduled to the reserve day, marking a significant milestone in the tournament’s 16-year history. However, concerns still linger regarding the potential for rain to persist on Monday evening. In order to ensure a definitive outcome, an extended duration of playing time has been allocated for the reserve day. Let’s delve into the specifics and explore the latest possible start time for a five-overs per side game. Additionally, we will discuss the course of action if even a five-overs per side game cannot be completed within the designated time. Furthermore, we will examine the latest start time for a Super Over-only contest.

To accommodate a full contest, the pitch and ground must be adequately prepared to commence the Super Over by the latest 00:50 IST. This timeframe allows for the necessary preparations to ensure a fair and competitive Super Over, which serves as a thrilling tie-breaker to determine the ultimate winner.


The Super Over format entails each team nominating three batsmen and one bowler to participate in a one-over contest. In this intense battle, the team that scores the highest number of runs within their allotted six deliveries emerges as the victor. However, if the Super Over itself ends in a tie, subsequent Super Overs will be played until a clear winner is determined.

While the potential need for a Super Over underscores the unpredictable nature of the game, it provides a captivating spectacle for fans and a fair method to resolve closely contested matches. Over the years, the IPL has witnessed numerous gripping Super Overs that have left spectators on the edge of their seats.

As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the resumption of the IPL 2023 final, the extended playing time on the reserve day offers a glimmer of hope for a complete contest. However, if adverse weather conditions persist and hinder the completion of even a five-overs per side game, the teams will engage in an exhilarating Super Over to decide the deserving champion.

The IPL organizers, committed to fair play and a conclusive outcome, have meticulously planned for all scenarios. Whether it is a truncated five-overs per side game or an intense Super Over clash, cricket aficionados can expect a thrilling finale that showcases the skill, resilience, and competitive spirit of the participating teams.

In conclusion, the IPL 2023 final faced an unexpected delay due to continuous rainfall, leading to its rescheduling on the reserve day. As concerns remain about the possibility of rain persisting on Monday evening, the allocation of extended playing time ensures a conclusive result. With the latest start time for a Super Over-only contest set at 00:50 IST, cricket fans eagerly anticipate an enthralling climax to the tournament, prepared for any twists and turns the game may present.