IPL 2023 Final: Know about extended playing time and deadline on Reserve Day

The highly-anticipated IPL 2023 final between the Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans faced an unprecedented delay due to continuous rainfall in Ahmedabad on Sunday (May 28). Consequently, the match was rescheduled to the reserve day, marking a historic event in the tournament’s 16-year history. However, concerns remain about the potential for rain persisting on Monday evening. To ensure a conclusive result, an extended amount of playing time has been allotted for the reserve day. Let’s take a closer look at the deadline for starting the game without any reduction in overs.

In order to provide ample opportunity for a complete match, the latest the game can commence on the reserve day without any overs being reduced is 21:40 IST (Indian Standard Time). This takes into account the scheduled 10-minute interval and the retention of time-outs. If the match begins at or before this time, both teams will have the opportunity to play the full quota of overs.


However, if the game does not start by 21:40 IST, the number of overs will begin to reduce. In such a scenario, the reduction will be implemented in a manner that ensures each side has at least five overs to bat. This adjustment guarantees fairness and maintains the integrity of the contest, allowing both teams to showcase their skills within a reasonable timeframe.

The deadline for starting the IPL 2023 final on the reserve day without any overs being reduced highlights the organizers’ commitment to achieving a conclusive outcome. Despite the weather challenges, the focus remains on delivering an exciting and fair contest for the players and fans alike. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the final showdown, all eyes will be on the skies as they hope for a timely start and an uninterrupted display of thrilling cricket action.