IPL 2023 Final: Here's why Gujarat Titans can be crowned champions if rain halts IPL 2023 Final rescheduled on Reserve Day | Business Upturn

IPL 2023 Final: Here’s why Gujarat Titans can be crowned champions if rain halts IPL 2023 Final rescheduled on Reserve Day

The highly-anticipated IPL 2023 final between the Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans encountered an unexpected obstacle caused by relentless rainfall in Ahmedabad on Sunday (May 28). Consequently, the match was rescheduled to the reserve day, signifying a significant milestone in the tournament’s 16-year history. However, concerns persist regarding the potential for rain to persist on Monday evening, creating uncertainty around the possibility of a definitive outcome. Despite allocating an extended duration of playing time for the reserve day, further complications loom over the event. Let’s explore the details surrounding the latest possible start time for a five-overs per side game and consider the course of action if even such a truncated match cannot be completed within the designated time. Moreover, let’s examine the scenario where a one-over shootout becomes impracticable.

With persistent rain clouds threatening to dampen the hopes of players and fans alike, the IPL authorities made provisions for an extended playing time on the reserve day. However, if unfavorable weather conditions continue to persist, rendering it impossible to play a five-overs per side game, the match enters uncertain territory.

In the unlikely scenario where even a five-overs per side game cannot be accomplished within the allocated time, the league standings come into play to determine the champions. As per the IPL regulations, the team that finished higher in the league stages, which in this case is the Gujarat Titans, will be crowned the winners. GT were the table toppers and this provision ensures that the team with a stronger overall performance throughout the tournament receives the rightful recognition and rewards for their consistent display.