Indian IPL team RCB account hacked & @BoredApeYC fake website is listed

Royal Challengers Bangalore’s official Twitter account got hacked.


Royal challengers Bangalore have released an official statement regarding Twitter scam. RCB official Twitter handle was hacked and thus the franchise apologised for the same.

The franchise on Saturday morning, 21st January shared a warning message on their official website and twitter account regarding this matter. The hacker who hacked the official RCB Twitter account, changed the account’s name from “RCBtweets” to “Bored Ape Yacht Club.”

Not only the name but also the display picture of RCB twitter account was changed by the hacker.

“Dear 12th Man Army, our Twitter account was compromised a few hours ago and we have now managed to get the access back. We condemn the tweet that the hackers put out and we do not endorse any content from that tweet, which we have now deleted. We regret the inconvenience caused,” RCB tweeted after recovery of their account.