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GT vs CSK IPL FINALS 2023: Mohit Sharma reflects on final-over nerves after heartbreaking IPL 2023 loss

Chennai Super Kings emerged victorious as five-time champions of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in a thrilling summit clash against the Gujarat Titans. The match, held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on May 29, witnessed an intense battle that went down to the wire. Indian pacer Mohit Sharma, entrusted with the final over, experienced a rollercoaster of emotions as Chennai fell agonizingly short of the target.

With a revised DLS target of 171 runs to chase in 15 overs, Chennai required 13 runs in the last over to secure victory. Mohit Sharma, known for his ability to execute yorkers with precision, stepped up to the challenge. He delivered three impeccable yorkers, putting pressure on the batters and containing the run flow. However, destiny had other plans as Ravindra Jadeja struck back-to-back boundaries off the last two balls, snatching victory for Chennai.

The heart-wrenching loss left Mohit Sharma visibly dejected, and he recently opened up about his emotions following the summit clash. “I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about what I could have done differently to win the match. It’s a difficult feeling to bear. Something feels amiss, but I am trying to move forward,” expressed Mohit Sharma in an interview with the Indian Express.

Prior to bowling the final over, Mohit Sharma had a clear game plan in mind. He revealed that he had practiced such pressure situations during net sessions and relied on his instincts during the crucial moments of the match. “I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do. I had practiced similar scenarios in the nets, and I have encountered such situations in the past as well. So, I decided to bowl yorkers for every ball and trusted my instincts,” shared Mohit Sharma.

Despite his brilliant performance in the match, Gujarat Titans ultimately succumbed to a substantial defeat. Mohit Sharma’s efforts to contain the opposition and execute his plans fell just short of the desired result. Nevertheless, his determination and resilience in such high-pressure situations serve as a testament to his skills as a seasoned pacer.

While the loss may sting for a while, Mohit Sharma’s ability to reflect on the game and seek areas for improvement highlights his commitment to continuous growth. As the cricketing journey progresses, he will draw on this experience to bounce back stronger and contribute to future victories.