CSK vs RCB IPL Rivalry: A look through head to head ahead of IPL 2024

Did you know this RCB vs CSK rivalry was called Namma Derby?

The cricketing fever is back with the upcoming IPL season, and it’s time for one of the oldest rivalries in the IPL to bring their A-game again – Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore!

Let’s just have a look at the numbers with this one – An extensive study of the statistics shows that out of the 31 clashes between these two, CSK has won 20, RCB winning 10, and 1 match abandoned, hence CSK has a somewhat upper-tier in this iconic rivalry.


The overall head-to-head statistics explain the complicity of their rivalry which gave us a lot of good and memorable games. Be it down to the last wire games or thorough victories, each win ranked itself as exceptional. A competitive win in the latest clash between them on April 17, 2023, where CSK beat RCB by 8 runs at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Player of the Match Devon Conway scoring 83 off 45 , showcased some of the solo greatness one can see in such clashes. But, over the numbers, their rivalry isn’t about cricket anymore; it ranks among cricket’s most exceptional derbies, earning names like the Kaveri Derby, Kaveri ‘Cause Namma ‘Cause, and the South Derby!

It’s more than merely a sport; it’s intense belief to exemplify both teams and their fans. With IPL 2023 just around the corner, the fans are in for another treat with the next cycle of this classic rivalry becoming merely unmissable not merely a contest.

Here is the CSK vs RCB Head to Head Stats ahead of IPL 2024 –


Date Winner Won by Venue
17 April 2023 Chennai Super Kings 8 runs Bengaluru
4 May 2022 Royal Challengers Bangalore 13 Runs Pune
12 April 2022 Chennai Super Kings 23 Runs Mumbai
24 September 2021 Chennai Super Kings 6 wickets Sharjah
25 April 2021 Chennai Super Kings 69 Runs Mumbai
25 October 2020 Chennai Super Kings 8 Wickets Dubai
10 October 2020 Royal Challengers Bangalore 37 Runs Dubai
21 April 2019 Royal Challengers Bangalore 1 Run Bengaluru
23 March 2019 Chennai Super Kings 7 Wickets Chennai
5 May 2018 Chennai Super Kings 6 Wickets Pune
25 April 2018 Chennai Super Kings 5 Wickets Bengaluru
21 May 2015 Chennai Super Kings 3 Wickets Ranchi
3 May 2015 Chennai Super Kings 24 Runs Chennai
21 April 2015 Chennai Super Kings 27 Runs Bengaluru
23 May 2014 Chennai Super Kings 8 Wickets Bengaluru
17 May 2014 Royal Challengers Bangalore 5 Wickets Ranchi
17 May 2013 Royal Challengers Bangalore 24 Runs Bengaluru
12 April 2013 Chennai Super Kings 4 Wickets Chennai
24 April 2012 No Result No Result Bengaluru
11 April 2012 Chennai Super Kings 5 Wickets Chennai
27 May 2011 Chennai Super Kings 58 Runs Chennai
23 May 2011 Chennai Super Kings 6 Wickets Mumbai
21 May 2011 Royal Challengers Bangalore 8 Wickets Bengaluru
15 April 2011 Chennai Super Kings 21 Runs Chennai
23 September 2010 Chennai Super Kings* 52 Runs Durban
30 March 2010 Chennai Super Kings 5 Wickets Chennai
22 March 2010 Royal Challengers Bangalore 36 Runs Bengaluru
22 May 2009 Royal Challengers Bangalore 6 Wickets Johannesburg
13 May 2009 Royal Challengers Bangalore 2 Wickets Durban
19 April 2009 Chennai Super Kings 92 Runs Port Elizabeth
20 May 2008 Royal Challengers Bangalore 14 Runs Chennai
27 April 2008 Chennai Super Kings 13 Runs Bengaluru