CSK in IPL 2023: Can MS Dhoni break his own record in this wicket-keeping list?

MS Dhoni holds the record for the fastest stumping; in only 0.08 seconds, he stumped Keemo Paul

Blink and miss! This is what stumping is all about in cricket. In the game of cricket, MS has been the most successful wicket in the Indian Premier League, and he holds the record for fastest stumping in just 0.08 sec.

In world cricket, he is the most electrifying man behind the wickets. He continuously collects the ball close to the off-pole, as many wikis find it challenging. In 2018, Dhoni’s lightning-fast stumping of 0.08 seconds caught all eyes. He stumped West Indies’ Keemo Paul in an ODI match in Mumbai, making the world stand for him. Dhoni was unbelievably prompt to put the bails off before Keemo Paul could process them.


A similar glimpse of such a magnificent stance was shown by him in 2012 on India’s tour of Australia, where Mitchell Marsh faced leg-spinner, Rahul Sharma. Dhoni paved Marsh’s way to the pavilion with 0.09 seconds of stumping time. This is the world’s second-fastest stumping record. Dhoni improved his timing in 2018.

While the batter must be focused on hitting the ball, the keeper must be even more focused on catching the ball. He has to make a move before the batsman. It is a challenging task that requires maximum attentiveness and focuses on the field to extract a wicket. Stumping is a job that requires talent, sharpness, and flexibility. Therefore, wicketkeepers are one of the most alert players on the cricket ground.