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BCCI Secretary Jay Shah faces criticism over internet for ‘inappropriate hand gesture’ during IPL 2023 Final

Jay Shah, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Secretary, has come under scrutiny for making an inappropriate hand gesture during the final match of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Instead of breaking the glass barrier, as previously stated, he was seen gesturing in a manner that has drawn widespread criticism for its inappropriate nature. Questions have been raised about the conduct of someone in such an important position.

Jay Shah, leveraging his influence, attended several IPL matches in his hometown of Ahmedabad. However, it was evident that the newly constructed stadium worth 8 billion rupees had many shortcomings, even on the field. The drainage system was not adequate, despite efforts to dry the pitch using advanced machinery.

During this time, Jay Shah began trending on social media. However, before the end of the game, his controversial act of making an inappropriate hand gesture in frustration over the poor performance of Dhoni’s team sparked a heated debate in Indian cricket. The video of Jay’s actions quickly went viral.

It is worth noting that Jay Shah is not just the BCCI Secretary; he is also the son of India’s Home Minister, Amit Shah. This raises questions about his ability to conduct himself in a manner befitting his position. This controversy is likely to continue, and the debate surrounding it is expected to be extensive.

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