IPL: Top 3 most dangerous batsman in the league history

The most exciting cricket league named as Indian Premier league is now a few months away. Let’s have a look at the most dangerous batsman played in this tournament.

IPL 2022 – The history of IPL is not very mythical but the level of cricket has changed completely by this franchise league. Teenager and that 19 year old boy would strive to make a name for himself in cricket. IPL has made everything easy which the first class has not been able to do till date.

Countless dreams in the heart Many faces have come to the fore in the long history of IPL cricket. Unmukt Chand, Taruvar Kholi are some of the big names who still failed to make their name due to the mistakes of the big board.


Virat Kohli has definitely been a successful player in which the hand of IPL is very big. If there was no IPL, then do you know if Kohli would not have played for India. But the truth is that IPL has also revived the careers of many foreign players, including names like Chris Gayle and AB De Villiers.

Brendon McCullum’s innings of 158 runs, which played the bugle of IPL, is still remembered in the minds of people. 40 overs of cricket and only 3 hours of play what else do people need in today’s stressful life IPL is an entertainment in which only money speaks. Real cricket has nothing to do with the world of IPL.

Let’s a take a five most dangerous batsman in IPL history.

1. Virat Kohli

Former Royal Challengers Bangalore captain and batsman Virat Kohli is the highest run-scorer in the league. Kohli, who was bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2008, has been retained by the team for one more season.

Royal Challengers Bangalore made it to the finals several times but missed out on winning the trophy each time. Kohli’s batting is not hidden from anyone and Kohli has proved many times on his own what he can do.

2. Chris Gayle

Another player from Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gayle is probably the biggest name in league history. After being sidelined by Kolkata Knight Riders, Gayle had done something in IPL history which is still remembered by the people.

There are many records in the name of the left-handed batsman in IPL history, out of which there is also a record of 37 runs in one over. Another name of Gayle is storm and when it comes, the opposition could not stand anywhere.

3. Suresh Raina

Chennai Super Kings batsman Suresh Raina is another gem of league history. In the early days of IPL, Raina’s fear was made on sight. If Chennai Super Kings has been so successful, then Raina has contributed a lot to it. One should learn from Raina how to win the match on his own.

In the back to back season of the league history, Raina has set the record for scoring the most runs.