IPL 2021: New format set to be introduced for the group stage

According to BCCI , 2 new teams are set to be added in the IPL next year. If the state associations give their approval to this new concept, the IPL in 2021 will have 10 teams. An AGM meeting is set to be held on December 24 regarding this topic.

The Times of India have also mentioned that there may be a new format for the group stage. For years, 8 IPL teams have been playing 14 games each before the top 4 qualify for the playoffs. With 10 teams, two extra games would be very long. The format for group stages used in 2011 may be re introduced again. 5 teams will be drawn into 2 groups each. A team will face their four opponents twice in the group stage (home and away) which takes the total number of games to 8. That team will also play 4 teams in the other group once and the 5th and remaining team twice which takes the total to 14 matches per team.