Intikhab Alam expresses sadness over Politics preventing Indo-Pak matches

The absence of Indo-Pak matches due to political tensions has left cricketer-turned-expert Intikhab Alam disheartened. He believes that politics should be kept separate from cricket and regrets that politicians from both nations have allowed animosity to hinder the revival of cricketing ties. Additionally, Alam questions the proposed hybrid model for the Asia Cup, suggesting that it doesn’t make sense to play the majority of matches in Sri Lanka instead of Pakistan. He emphasizes the importance of India-Pakistan matches for the survival of cricket and the revenue they generate for the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Intikhab Alam emphasizes the need to separate politics from cricket, expressing his disappointment with the political factors that have prevented Rohit Sharma and the Indian team from playing the Continental Cup in Pakistan. He believes that any issue can be resolved through dialogue, and politicians should focus on reducing the gap between the two nations rather than perpetuating animosity. Alam’s view is that cricket would be much better off if politicians refrained from interfering in the sport.


Alam expresses confusion regarding the proposed hybrid model for the Asia Cup, which suggests that India will not travel to Pakistan to play matches. Instead, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh are being considered as alternative venues. He questions the logic behind this arrangement, arguing that it doesn’t make sense for Pakistan to have only a few matches while the majority of the series is held in Sri Lanka. Alam predicts a similar scenario during the World Cup, where Pakistan may have to play their matches in a different location if the hybrid model is adopted.

According to Intikhab Alam, cricket cannot thrive without India-Pakistan matches. He highlights the substantial revenue generated by the ICC during encounters between these two Asian rivals. The former Pakistan captain emphasizes the value of cricketers meeting, greeting, and learning from each other, stressing that cricketing ties between the two nations should not be compromised by political disputes.