India’s Ajinkya Rahane survives as Pat Cummins bowls a ‘no-ball’ in the WTC Final on Day 2

The ICC World Test Championship final between India and Australia reached an intense moment on Day 2 as India found themselves in a precarious situation, losing four wickets. However, they received a stroke of luck when Ajinkya Rahane narrowly escaped being dismissed as the fifth wicket. After a confident appeal for LBW by Pat Cummins and his teammates, the on-field umpire raised his finger, signaling Rahane’s dismissal. However, the Indian batsman opted to review the decision using the Decision Review System (DRS).

As the replay was scrutinized, it became evident that Cummins had overstepped and bowled a no-ball. The delivery in question was a nip-backer that caught Rahane stuck in the crease. The ball made slight contact with the back pad, and it seemed like the impact might have been marginally outside the off-stump. The decision hung in the balance, with the outcome depending on whether the impact was inside or outside off. The side-on angle was partially obstructed by a fielder, but the alternate angle provided a clear view, confirming that Cummins had indeed overstepped.


The lucky break for Rahane resulted in him surviving the dismissal. If not for Cummins’ no-ball, the umpire’s call on impact would have likely favored the bowler, and Rahane would have been given out. The delivery would have crashed into the stumps, dealing a significant blow to India’s hopes in the match.