Indian wicket keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik states his disapproval of using Vinoo Mankad’s name for a dismissal


Senior Indian Wicket keeper batsmen Dinesh Karthik finds it extremly unfair that the Vinoo Mankad’s name is used in a negative notion for a dismissal which is legal.

Mankad, during the 1948 tour of Australia, ran opposition Batsmen out at a non strikers end after he backed up too far despite the early warnings. The Australian media made a meal out of it outraging the issue and termed it as ” Mankading”, even though Sir Don Bradman found the dismissal perfectly legal.

Karthik quoted, ” All the way from Don Bradman to Sunil Gavaskar, everyone has said it’s completely within the rules.The ICC and MCC has also taken a stand that is okay, So i don’t see the reason why the bowlers or any team that does it is looked at negatively in any way”.

“Everyone remembers Mankad, But most importantly nobody remembers the Batsmen who was ran out Bill Brown he pointed”.

This came to light after the comments by Delhi Capital’s coach Ricky Ponting stating that he would have a chat with R.Ashwin and advised him that such a dismissal is against the spirit of the game referring to the Indian spinner running out Josh Buttler in the last edition.

Karthik said the dismissal should not be called Mankading when the ICC and MCC call it just a run out, he also suggested the TV Umpires should check whether the batsmen is backing up too far and the particular run should be disallowed.

” Now there is technology for checking No balls, So use the camera and see if the non strikers leaves the crease early, if so all runs should be disallowed only the wicket should stand”.

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