Indian doctor who treated Rizwan says he was astonished by the speedy recovery

The doctors who treated him also said that his pain score at admission was 10/10 (the worst).

Mohammad Rizwan put his heart out in the inning of 67 runs against Australia in the second Semifinal, even though he was suffering from a severe chest infection. Just a day ago, it was reported that Rizwan had missed the training with the squad. The management at first disclosed that he, along with Shoaib Malik, was coming down with a light flue and had a low fever. It was only later revealed that Rizwan was suffering from a chest infection.

He was in such a critical condition that the management had to admit him to the ICU. An Indian doctor named Shaheer Sainalabdeen, who treated Rizwan in the hospital, has come out with a statement in which he has described the fighting spirit of Rizwan. According to Khaleej Times, Rizwan continuously told his doctor that he wanted to play for the team and stay with the team. The doctor said, “Rizwan had a strong desire to play for his nation in the crucial knockout match. He was strong, determined, and confident. I am astonished at the pace he had recovered.”


Further reports have revealed that Rizwan was taken to the emergency department on the 9th of November. He suffered from intermittent fever, cough, and chest pain before being diagnosed with retrosternal chest pain in the hospital. The doctors who treated him also said that his pain score at admission was 10/10 (the worst).

The opening batter miraculously made a massive comeback before the match and played a fantastic knock of 67, which included 3 fours and 4 sixes. It was a true warrior’s effort that Rizwan put out on the field, only for his team to get knocked out of the tournament. Indifferent to the result, everyone will remember Rizwan’s grit and determination.