Indian Cricketer Shafali Verma gives credit to Men’s Haryana team for her beasty performance against South Africa


Shafali Verma is not only seen as one of the best among the young openers in the Indian Cricket team, but experts also believe that she has the capability to take women’s cricket team to a next level. Recently during S T20I series she proved herself against South Africa where she used her batting skills and increased the number board.

The smooth footwork of Shafali was the center attention to the viewers. The precise footwork that she displayed in her game against South Africa made people rethink about their perspective towards women’s cricket.
In an interview with the press, Shafali gave credits to the Haryana Men’s team ahead of Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament. She mentioned how playing against men’s team helped her improve her gameplay and allowed her to draw out some extra seconds at the pitch during the T20I series against the South African women’s team.

Explaining the perks of practicing with the Haryana Men’s team, Shafali said, the 140kph mark trained her mind and she could perform well in the T20I series. Practicing with the Haryana Men’s team improved her decision making against the bowlers, it helped strengthen her decision making, whether to face the ball in a back-foot or a front-foot position.

Expressing her gratitude towards the Haryana Cricket Association she said, “Every time I go out to bat, I want to win the game for my team. Be it for my state team or India, my job is to bat the opposition out of the game. Records definitely sound good and boost the morale after the game, but during the match, I only want to score runs”.