India vs Pakistan: Ramiz Raja likely to propose ICC for a quadrangular series

India vs Pakistan is set to resume soon, as Ramiz Raja is likely to propose ICC for a quadrangular series involving India, Pakistan, Australia and England.

Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja wants ICC to schedule a quadrangular series between India, Pakistan, Australia and England on annual basis, which not only would showcase top form cricket but shall also help the rivalry nations to encourage brotherhood. Ramiz is likely to send a request to ICC regarding the quadrangular series, which shall be played in T20 format.

India and Pakistan have only been involved in ICC and ACC tournament games, and haven’t played a series against each other since 2013. When the political concerns of both the nations were miserably worsening, India and Pakistan stopped playing against each other in scheduled series, and by the time rivalry against both the nations increased due to less face off.

Fans of both nations might eagerly want ICC to accept this fierce competition. The clashes of Ashes along with the heating Indo-Pak rivalry for a quadrangular series would be delightful for the fans, as their emotions will be overwhelming in support for their respective teams. With England ranked first in T20 rankings, followed by India and Pakistan, the T20 format will come out as a perfect format for the viewers as well as the players. Talking about Australia, the Aussies are struggling a bit to rank up in T20 rankings, holding position 6 as of now.

Ramiz Raja also reveals his emotions after knowing Pakistan-born, Australian batsman Usman Khawaja privately urged his teammates to visit Pakistan for the upcoming tour. Australia is likely to visit Pakistan for 3 Test games, 3 ODIs and 1 T20 game series, which is scheduled in March. The Australian team is committed to the upcoming series against Pakistan, which is their first visit since 1998.

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