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India reclaims top spot in ICC Men’s Test team Rankings

India regains top spot in men’s Test team rankings after annual update by ICC


According to the latest annual update of the ICC men’s Test team rankings, India has once again reclaimed the top position from Australia.

This update takes into consideration all Test series played since May 2020, and the outcomes of the 2019-20 season have been removed. Consequently, India’s 2-0 defeat to New Zealand in March 2020 has been deleted from the rankings, resulting in an increase in their rating points from 119 to 121.

Previously, India had held the top rank for a complete month in December 2021. Australia, who have been the top-ranked Test team since January 2022, will face India in the ICC World Test Championship final at The Oval on June 7.


They had overtaken New Zealand to acquire the top position following a 4-0 series victory over England.

India has strengthened their position at the top of the men’s T20I team rankings, extending their lead over England from six to eight points.

New Zealand has advanced to the third position, overtaking South Africa and Pakistan. However, Ireland and Afghanistan still require additional Test matches to be considered in the rankings.


On May 10, the annual update for the ODI team rankings will occur, following the Pakistan-New Zealand series currently underway.

After this update, the teams’ rankings will take into account their performances in all series played since May 2020.