India and Australia pay tribute to Balasore train accident victims with black armbands in WTC Final

In a devastating railway incident that occurred around 7 pm on Friday, the Coromandel Express collided with a stationary goods train carrying iron ore at Bahanaga Bazar station. As a result of the collision, several coaches of the Coromandel Express derailed and collided with the Yeshwantpur-Howrah Express, leading to India’s most severe railway disaster in the past thirty years. Tragically, the incident resulted in approximately 1,100 people sustaining injuries.

In a poignant display of respect and remembrance, both the Indian and Australian cricket teams wore black armbands during the highly anticipated ICC World Test Championship (WTC) Final at The Oval. This gesture was in honor of the victims of the tragic train accident in Balasore, a somber incident that had deeply affected the cricketing community and the world at large.


The clash between India and Australia held immense significance, as these two cricketing powerhouses battled it out for the ultimate glory in Test cricket. However, the presence of the black armbands added an extra layer of emotion and solidarity to the match.

The teams, officials, and spectators at The Oval paused to remember the lives lost in the horrific train accident, which had left a profound impact on the hearts and minds of millions. The International Cricket Council (ICC) also expressed its condolences for the victims, emphasizing the unity and compassion that binds the cricketing fraternity.