IND vs SA: Hardik Pandya set for redemption through specialized rehabilitation

In the dynamic realm of cricket, setbacks often become stepping stones to resilience. Hardik Pandya, the premier all-rounder, faced a formidable challenge when a ‘freak injury’ sidelined him during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 clash against Bangladesh. His absence in the pivotal clash against Australia marked a nadir in his illustrious career.

Awaiting Pandya’s return, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the National Cricket Academy (NCA) adopted a sagacious approach. Recognizing the significance of long-term goals, especially with the looming T20 World Cup cycles in 2024 and 2026, they eschewed hastiness and embraced a holistic rehabilitation plan.


Embarking on an 18-week high-performance program tailored exclusively for Pandya, the NCA meticulously addresses various fitness facets – encompassing cardio, strength training, functional exercises, and vital rest periods. The overarching objective is unequivocal: to sustain Hardik Pandya’s endurance at optimal levels for the impending challenges.

The methodical strategy employed by the BCCI and NCA is not unprecedented. Notable players like Jasprit Bumrah, Shreyas Iyer, and KL Rahul have previously undergone personalized regimens during injury layoffs. This underscores a commitment to long-term objectives, tailoring routines based on individual player needs, encompassing playing conditions, skill requirements, and upcoming commitments.

Critically, sources emphasize that Pandya’s current injury is distinct from his previous back ailment, which necessitated surgery in 2019. Despite his superb fitness since the comeback, captaining the Gujarat Titans in the IPL and actively participating in numerous 2022 and 2023 games, Pandya’s strategic decision to abstain from upcoming T20Is against Afghanistan speaks volumes. The focus is not merely on match-specific skills but on elevating overall fitness standards, ensuring a swift and sustainable return.

India has participated in 55 T20Is since June 2022, with Pandya contributing to 38 matches. In ODIs, he featured in 23 out of 50 games. These statistics underscore Pandya’s indispensable role, making his fitness a paramount concern for cricketing authorities.

As the 18-week journey unfolds, the cricketing community anticipates Hardik Pandya’s return. Beyond his prowess as an all-rounder, his comeback signifies the importance of holistic and forward-thinking approaches in cricket management. The BCCI’s commitment to enduring goals and player welfare sets a positive precedent for the future of Indian cricket.