IND vs PAK World Cup 2023: Tensions flare as Virat Kohli’s discontent on Rizwan taking time sparks debate in India vs Pakistan World Cup 2023

The much-anticipated clash between India and Pakistan in the 2023 World Cup took an unexpected turn as Virat Kohli’s displeasure with Mohammad Rizwan’s delayed entry onto the pitch was captured by cameras. This incident has raised questions about whether the historic rivalry between the two cricketing powerhouses is poised to reignite after months of seemingly cordial relations.

As the cameras focused on the proceedings, it was evident that Kohli was far from pleased with Rizwan’s prolonged delay in making his way to the crease. The tension was palpable, and Kohli’s body language spoke volumes. This seemingly innocuous incident has since become the focal point of discussions surrounding the match.


The India-Pakistan cricketing rivalry is one of the most intense and fiercely contested in the world of sports. Despite the recent efforts to foster goodwill between the teams, it only takes a spark to reignite the flames of competition and passion that define this historic rivalry. With Kohli stepping into the fray, the potential for a fiery encounter is amplified.