IND vs PAK World Cup 2023: Babar Azam vs Kuldeep Yadav – Who will dominate today?

Before the India vs Pakistan clash Kuldeep Yadav stated that one such batsman hei s looking forward to is Pakistani skipper Babar Azam, who plays beautifully against pacers.

Babar Azam is a Class Player & Among the Best Batters in the World, I am Excited to face him at Ahmedabad – Kuldeep Yadav (Star Sports)


Babar Azam vs Kuldeep Yadav

In the highly anticipated clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan in the ICC World Cup 2023, fans are eager to witness key matchups that could shape the course of the game. One such marquee contest revolves around the battle between Kuldeep Yadav and Pakistan’s skipper, Babar Azam.

Despite a missed encounter in the Asia Cup, Kuldeep’s impressive record against Azam showcases the potential for a game-changing moment. Having dismissed the Pakistan captain twice in just 18 deliveries, Kuldeep’s left-arm spin could prove to be a formidable challenge for Azam, who will be looking to shake off his lukewarm run in ODIs this year, boasting an average of 38.06 and a strike rate of 78.68.

However, the excitement doesn’t end there. The middle overs will play a pivotal role, with Azam’s ability to negotiate Kuldeep’s spin potentially defining Pakistan’s batting effort.