IND vs ENG 3rd Test: Why did England begin innings with 5 runs on board

In the ongoing Test match between India and England in Rajkot, India faced a setback as they were penalized five runs due to a pitch-related infraction by R Ashwin during their first innings.

The penalty came during the 102nd over of India’s innings when Ashwin, while batting, ran on the protected area of the pitch as he pushed the ball towards cover before being sent back by Dhruv Jurel. Umpire Joel Wilson penalized India with five runs, a decision that left Ashwin visibly upset.


Former England captain Alastair Cook suggested that Ashwin’s action might have been a deliberate tactical move to disturb the pitch. This incident has stirred discussions regarding gamesmanship and tactical strategies employed by players during Test matches.

The laws of cricket dictate that deliberate or avoidable damage to the pitch is unfair, and any such actions should be penalized. In this case, the penalty runs were awarded to England, impacting India’s total in the match.

The incident occurred with India positioned at 358 for 7, having lost two wickets early on the second day of play. The ongoing Test series between India and England is currently tied at 1-1, with both teams aiming to gain an advantage in Rajkot.