IND vs ENG 3rd Test: “Pagal hai kya” Sarfaraz Khan gets angry on Yashasvi Jaiswal

In a moment of on-field tension during the ongoing 3rd Test match between India and England, debutant Sarfaraz Khan found himself in a heated exchange with his teammate Yashasvi Jaiswal.

The incident occurred when Khan, eager to push his score closer to fifty, attempted a risky run after a miscommunication with Jaiswal, who was nearing a milestone of 200 runs. The disagreement escalated into a verbal altercation, with Khan expressing his frustration by questioning Jaiswal’s decision on the field.


The Mumbai friends, who share a history of playing first-class cricket together, engaged in a heated argument, with Khan reportedly exclaiming, “pagal hai kya, run tha” (Are you crazy, it was a run). The exchange highlighted the intensity of the moment and the pressure of the match situation.

As tensions ran high, the incident served as a reminder of the competitive spirit and emotions that can arise on the cricket field, even among teammates.