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IND vs AUS Live: Indian skipper Rohit Sharma fails to perfom as top order collapses


Indian skipper Rohit Sharma had to walk back after Starc bagged in his second wicket.

“Starc to Rohit, out Caught by Smith!! Edged and gone! 142.8kph, full delivery wide of off, he left the previous one. Chases this and pays the price. Goes hard on the drive and gets a thick outside edge. Smith crouches at first slip and juggles before taking it on the second attempt. Starc has removed both the Indian openers! Rohit c Smith b Starc 13(15) [4s-2]” (CRICBUZZ)

Team India’s top order collapses after Gill, Rohit and Suryakumar Yadav departed cheaply.


“Starc to Suryakumar Yadav, out Lbw!! Back-to-back golden ducks for Suryakumar Yadav! The inswinger does the trick again. 144kph, on a length, SKY goes for an on-drive and is beaten comprehensively on the inside edge. Struck below the knee-roll on the front pad adjacent to the sticks and that looked plumb. Suryakumar rightly doesn’t review. 32 for three! Suryakumar Yadav lbw b Starc 0(1)” (CRICBUZZ)

After winning toss, Australia captain Smith said, “We will have a bowl. Different surface, been under covers for a while, might do something. Just a partnership through the middle would have helped us. It’s a good learning for us playing on these surfaces

Meanwhile, India captain Rohit stated, “Pitch has been under the covers for a long time, we got to bat well and see where we are. Every game you play for India is a pressure game, so you got to stay calm and make the right decision. We have tried to remain calm in the last few ODI series we have played. Two changes. Ishan misses out, I am back for him, Shardul misses out and Axar is in. If we win the toss, I thought we could do something with three spinners if we bowl first. I think it will still turn in the second innings. And three spinners is something we might go with in the World Cup, so we want to try.”