IND vs AUS Live: Australia crumbles as Ashwin strikes two wickets in an over

Ravichandran Ashwin has made a lethal comeback in the game, giving team India a sight of hope that they still have some contribution to the game.

Ashwin struck a fantastic delivery to Cameron Green to which KS Bharat was able to take a sharp catch.


Green to Ashwin, out Srikar Bharat was the catch! And Ashwin broke up the enormous partnership! The offie delivered in a tossed-up manner, down the leg-side, and very slowly through the air. Green attempts a sweep, but it brushes against his gloves, and the wicketkeeper finishes the formalities. First wicket of the day for the hosts, Green walks back after playing a fantastic 114-ball innings after taking a sharp catch. Green b Ashwin c Srikar Bharat 114(170) [4s-18]

Alex Carey, who came in after Green departed, played hardly 4 balls before being the next target for Ashwin. Ashwin delivered a bit outside off and the flighted delivery was just a trap to send back Alex to the pavilion.

Carey, from Ashwin: out Axar was caught! As Ashwin takes down his second opponent this round, another one perishes. Carey gets a duck with that! Gives this some outside air and it suddenly turns away. When Carey throws his hands at it, a sharp outside edge flies in the direction of Axar at short third man. He settles down under the cherry and makes a fairly carefree catch while remaining as cool as a cucumber. Carey c Ashwin b Axar 0(4)