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IND vs AUS Day 2 Live: Siraj’s intense stare at Steve Smith adds spice to WTC Final drama

The WTC Final 2023 witnessed a moment of intense confrontation between Indian fast bowler Mohammed Siraj and Australian batsman Steve Smith during a crucial phase of the match. After Smith smashed back-to-back boundaries to complete his century, Siraj couldn’t hide his frustration and gave the Aussie a stern stare. The incident added an extra layer of drama to an already thrilling encounter.

Earlier in the over, Smith had demonstrated his batting brilliance, showcasing why he is considered one of the best in the game. With just two balls, he dispatched them to the boundary, sealing his ninth Test century against India. This achievement placed him on par with Joe Root, holding the record for scoring the most centuries against the Indian cricket team.

However, as the players prepared for the next delivery, an unexpected glitch occurred with the spidey cam. This innovative camera system, suspended by wires above the ground, provides unique angles and close-up shots of the action. Unfortunately, technical issues can arise, and this particular interruption halted play momentarily. Smith was disturbed by the camera glitch.

Amidst the spidey cam glitch, Siraj, still reeling from his frustration, reacted by throwing the ball towards the stumps in anger. Such displays of frustration are not uncommon in the heat of the moment, as the pressure and intensity.

As the ball was delivered by Siraj, Smith confidently defended it back to the bowler, who swiftly picked it up. In that moment, Siraj’s frustration boiled over, and he locked eyes with the Australian batsman, conveying his displeasure at being hit for boundaries. The intense stare from Siraj added an intriguing element to the high-stakes encounter between the two teams.