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IND vs AUS Day 2 Live: Rohit Sharma’s hilarious DRS antics add light-hearted moment to WTC Final

Skipper Rohit Sharma once again showcased his mischievous and humorous side during the ongoing World Test Championship (WTC) Final. On Day 2 of the highly anticipated match, an incident involving Rohit and the Decision Review System (DRS) added a touch of levity to the intense contest between India and their opponents.

As the Indian pacer Mohammed Shami bowled a delivery to Australian batsman Alex Carey, the ball struck Carey on the pads from a wide angle with a hint of inward movement. Despite the possibility of an LBW (Leg Before Wicket) appeal, the Indian team decided not to review the umpire’s decision. However, Rohit Sharma, known for his playful antics, decided to add some fun to the moment.

In a mischievous act, Rohit gestured towards the umpire as if he were about to initiate a DRS review. The skipper playfully confused the umpire, creating a brief moment of confusion on the field. With a naughty expression on his face, Rohit then clarified that he was merely demonstrating the swing of the ball, which took it away from the leg stump. The incident brought a smile to the faces of both players and spectators alike, as they enjoyed Rohit’s light-hearted gesture.

Not one to miss an opportunity, all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja quickly joined in the act, imitating Rohit Sharma’s mischievous gesture. The camaraderie among the Indian players was evident as they shared a light-hearted moment on the field. Even off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, who was serving as the 12th man during the match, couldn’t resist joining in the laughter.

Rohit Sharma’s playful antics have become somewhat of a trademark during his cricketing career. Whether it’s imitating his teammates, pulling pranks, or engaging in friendly banter on the field, Rohit has always shown his ability to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable amidst the high-pressure nature of the game. His charismatic personality and sense of humor have endeared him to fans around the world.