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IND vs AUS 1st Test: Jadeja sanctioned by ICC for this reason

The BCCI fined Ravindra Jadeja 25% of his match fee and gave him a demerit point. In addition to receiving a 25% match fee fine and one demerit point, Ravindra Jadeja was punished for applying an ointment to his finger without telling the umpires.

“The India team management had explained that the finger spinner was applying the cream to a swelling on the index finger of his bowling hand. This was done without asking for permission from the on-field umpires,” stated the ICC in a media release.


The ICC went on to say that the match official was convinced that Jadeja was not charged with ball-tampering because the cream was not used for any other purpose.

“In reaching his decision to sanction the player along with the Level 1 sanction he imposed, the Match Referee was satisfied that the cream was applied to the finger purely for medical purposes. The cream was not applied as an artificial substance to the ball and consequently, it did not change the condition of the ball, which would have been in breach of clause 41.3 of the ICC playing conditions – Unfair Play – The Match Ball – Changing its Condition,” said the ICC statement.

The incident happened in Nagpur during the first day’s play, in the 46th over. Social media videos revealed Jadeja touching Mohammad Siraj’s left index finger with something he picked up from the back of his hand while standing close to the umpire and captain Rohit Sharma.