ICEC report exposes prevalent racism in cricket, highlights plight of Indian and Pakistani fans

A comprehensive report by the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) highlights the pervasive issue of racism in the sport.

Contrary to popular belief, racism is not confined to isolated incidents but is deeply rooted in cricket. Indians attending matches in England have faced the most racism, as revealed by the report.


Discrimination is widespread among individuals from ethnically diverse backgrounds, with around 50% of respondents reporting experiences of discrimination in the past five years. This figure rises significantly for people of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, and black heritage.

Incidents such as racial abuse against Indian fans during an India vs. England Test match in 2021 have brought attention to the problem.

The report calls for immediate action to address and eradicate racism in cricket, promoting inclusivity and dignity for all fans.

Implementing the report’s recommendations and dismantling discriminatory structures are essential steps to create a more equitable environment. Cricket has a responsibility to confront racism and serve as a catalyst for positive change, setting an example for other sports and societies.