ICC confirms that it will push for cricket’s inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games

ICC has confirmed that it will work towards the inclusion of Cricket into the Olympics, with its primary target being the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.

International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed that it will work towards the inclusion of Cricket in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

“The ICC has confirmed its intention to push for cricket’s inclusion in the Olympic Games going forward, starting preparations for a bid on behalf of the sport with the primary target being its addition to the Los Angeles 2028 itinerary,” stated the International Cricket Council (ICC) via their site.


A Working Group to present the bid has been set up by the ICC. England and Wales Cricket Board Chair Ian Watmore will head the ICC Olympic Working Group. He will be assisted by ICC Independent Director Indra Nooyi, Chair of Zimbabwe Cricket Tavengwa Mukuhlani, ICC Associate Member Director and Vice President of the Asian Cricket Council Mahinda Vallipuram and Chair of USA Cricket Parag Marathe.

ICC chairman Greg Barclay thinks the sport’s inclusion will profit both the sport and the Olympics itself.  He believes there are many fans, especially in South Asia who want to see the sport in the Olympics. He believes now is the time to put its best foot forward regarding Cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics.

Parag Marathe too welcomed the decision, as it would lead to the growth of Cricket in the United States if the sport is included in the grand event.

Cricket had made just one appearance at the Olympics, in 1900 in Paris and only two teams contended at the tournament that included Great Britain and hosts France.