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ICC employee alleges harassment, raises concerns over workplace safety

A female staff member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) has recently come into the spotlight after making allegations of harassment within the workplace. The staff member reportedly chose an unconventional route to register her complaints, opting to write letters instead of sending emails, citing concerns about potential tracking of her emails by higher-ups within the ICC.

The decision to bypass electronic communication channels and submit physical letters in person to a senior ICC official was driven by her fear of repercussions from influential figures within the apex cricket governing body. Despite taking this courageous step, there has been no visible action or response from ICC officials, including the chairman and CEO. The only acknowledgment of her complaint has come from email exchanges with the ICC’s legal team.


This incident is not the first time the staff member has alleged harassment. Her initial complaint dates back to 2021, during the T20I World Cup held in the UAE. Despite reporting the incident, she has yet to receive any response from ICC leadership.

The situation highlights the challenges faced by individuals when confronting powerful institutions, particularly within senior leadership roles. Concerns about potential professional repercussions further compound the issue, making it difficult for whistleblowers to come forward.

While it has been reported that two top ICC officials were urged to address the matter, no action has been taken, and no investigative committee has been established to examine the allegations. The case underscores the importance of creating a safe and supportive work environment, where all employees can voice their concerns without fear of retaliation.