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ICC Cricket Committee downplays pay disparity concerns raised by Ricky Ponting

The issue of pay disparity among Test-playing nations, which was raised by former Australian captain Ricky Ponting during the World Test Championship final, failed to gain significant attention from the International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket Committee, according to ICC General Manager of Cricket, Wasim Khan.

Ponting’s remarks on the pay gap in Test cricket garnered considerable interest, as he emphasized the need for a more equitable distribution of earnings among players representing different nations in the longest format of the game.

Although many former cricketers expressed support for Ponting’s stance, Wasim Khan clarified that the topic was not extensively discussed during the recent ICC meeting. He stated that there have been no concrete discussions with the members regarding pay disparity. While the issue was initially raised within the ICC Cricket Committee, it did not progress further in terms of player payments.

Wasim Khan attributed the lack of follow-up to a potential misquote and clarified that Ricky’s views were merely a point of discussion within the Cricket Committee, as numerous topics are discussed regularly. However, no formal deliberations have taken place with the members on this specific matter, as stated by Wasim during a media interaction.

In addition to addressing the pay disparity issue, Wasim Khan also acknowledged the concerns surrounding the rise of franchise leagues and their potential impact on players’ motivation to participate in Test cricket. He emphasized the need for cricket boards to find a way for these leagues and Test cricket to coexist harmoniously while maintaining the importance of the traditional format.

While player payments are determined by individual cricket boards, Wasim Khan assured that member boards would receive a greater share of revenue in the upcoming cycle compared to previous periods. He stressed the importance of finding a balance and coexisting with the emergence of leagues, highlighting that members have committed to the World Test Championship for the next eight years. Notably, influential players in the game have also emphasized the significance of Test cricket.