Hyderabad Cricket Association offers BMWs as incentive for Ranji Trophy glory

Hyderabad cricket is poised for a resurgence as the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) unveils a bold incentive to propel the team towards Ranji Trophy success. Following their promotion to the Elite division after topping the Plate Group, the HCA has laid out an enticing offer: win the Ranji Trophy within the next three years, and each player will be rewarded with a brand new BMW car along with a one crore purse for the team.

This announcement marks a significant turnaround for Hyderabad cricket, which endured a period of turbulence culminating in relegation to the Plate Group in 2023. However, under the stewardship of Arishnapally Jagan Mohan Rao, the team has embarked on a path of resurgence and is determined to reclaim its position among the cricketing elite.


While the challenge of clinching the Ranji Trophy within a year may seem daunting, Jagan Mohan is optimistic that the incentive will ignite a renewed sense of determination among the players. He acknowledges the importance of a robust cricketing infrastructure and has unveiled ambitious plans to revitalize the system, ensuring sustained success for Hyderabad cricket.

As the team sets its sights on the coveted Ranji Trophy, the promise of BMWs serves as a tangible symbol of the renewed ambition and drive within Hyderabad cricket. Only time will tell if the BMWs will become a reality, but one thing remains certain: Hyderabad cricket is back in the spotlight, poised for greatness.