Hardik Pandya’s commanding opening over sets the stage in IND vs WI 3rd T20I

Hardik Pandya’s opening over in the third T20 international match between India and West Indies showcased his bowling prowess and set a strong tone for India’s bowling attack.

Delivering a mix of skillful deliveries, Pandya’s performance was marked by a pitched-up outswinger, a well-directed ball on the middle and leg, and a controlled back-of-the-length delivery. He effectively kept the West Indies batsmen guessing with his variations in length and line.


Despite a cautious start by the West Indies openers, Pandya’s impact was felt, with one delivery striking Brandon King’s pad and generating an appeal. The over ended with Pandya blocking Mayers’ attempt to advance. Overall, Pandya’s impressive opening over established his authority on the field and added excitement to the match.