Hardik Pandya strikes as India gains momentum against Pakistan in World Cup 2023 clash

In a moment that sent waves of exhilaration through the Indian camp, Hardik Pandya’s precision and skill came to the forefront as he claimed the crucial wicket of Imam-ul-Haq, leaving the Pakistani fans in disbelief. The delivery, a tempting length ball wide of the off stump, lured Imam into a loose shot he would regret. Attempting a backfoot drive, Imam found the edge, and the ball flew straight into the safe hands of KL Rahul, who executed a flawless low catch, diving forward with finesse.

The stadium erupted with a chorus of Indian cheers as the catch was cleanly taken, emphasizing the importance of this breakthrough. Imam-ul-Haq, who had shown promise with his 36 runs off 38 balls, now found himself walking back to the pavilion, undoubtedly ruing the missed opportunity to convert his start into a substantial inning. The disappointment was palpable not just among the Pakistani fans but also within their team, for Imam’s dismissal had come at a critical juncture in the match.


The delivery that did the trick was a fullish length ball, a cunning choice that moved away ever so slightly. For Imam, attempting to reach out to such a wide delivery was a challenging task, especially given the left-hander’s angle. Despite his best efforts, the lack of control proved fatal, resulting in a thick edge that found its way into Rahul’s capable hands.

Brief Score: PAK- 74/2 after 13 overs