Greg Chappell appreciates MS Dhoni’s ‘sharpest cricket mind’

Former head coach of Indian cricket team Greg Chappell comment on Dhoni’s “sharpest mind.”


Legendary player and former Head Coach of Team India Greg Chappell appreciated Mahendra Singh Dhoni as “one of the sharpest cricket minds” Greg has encountered.

Greg is witnessed to always support and appreciate Dhoni’s skills and his importance in the Indian team. The two-year tenure Head Coach has also shared some moments with a two-time world cup winning champion.

Chappell wrote in ESPNcricinfo about Dhoni, quoting that the cricket-playing countries have somewhere left out the natural environment which was a critical aspect to their development. Adding on, Greg quoted that this environment helped the youngsters to pick up learning skills from the seniors and experienced players out there.

Greg also wrote that a country like India has so many players playing in the streets but without a structural coaching facility, that talent gets forgotten or remains unrecognized. Adding to this point Greg pointed out Dhoni who came from Ranchi, a town in Jharkhand.

Appreciation MS Dhoni, Greg wrote that Dhoni is a leading example for all the players who seek development and also for the players who learned by watching him bat in his style. Greg also appreciated Dhoni’s decision-making and the game plans he plays with.

“He is one of the sharpest cricket minds I have encountered,” Chappell wrote as ESPNcricinfo posted.

Dhoni debuted in international cricket under Saurav Ganguly’s leadership along with John Wright. Dhoni became famous when he was playing under Rahul Dravid, and then, Greg Chappell was the Head Coach of team India. India at that time also witnessed Dhoni’s 183 not-out knocks in the ODI match against Sri Lanka.