Gautam Gambhir Criticizes Singular Focus of Broadcasters on Virat Kohli

In India’s riveting journey through nine group stage games in the ongoing World Cup, one name has consistently dominated the limelight – Virat Kohli. Whether it’s him matching Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 ODI centuries or the prospect of leading the team to yet another home World Cup victory, Kohli has been the focal point of Star Sports’ pre-game shows. While Kohli enthusiasts revel in his omnipresence, Gautam Gambhir holds a different perspective, emphasizing the importance of team focus over individual player prominence.

In a viral video, Gambhir unreservedly shared his thoughts, asserting, “If you score a fifty, I score a fifty, and the broadcasters are only showing me, then that other player will be called an underrated player. Who makes a player underrated? It is fans, broadcasters, and experts that make it. We are not winning ICC events for a long time because we are obsessed with individual records rather than the team.”


Having experienced being an underrated player himself, Gambhir highlighted his pivotal role in India’s 2011 50-Over World Cup triumph. Despite his match-winning 97 in the final, his contribution often takes a backseat compared to MS Dhoni’s unbeaten 91. A decade later, Gambhir reflects on the team’s journey, noting a lack of credit for the collective efforts in recent ICC events.

While acknowledging Kohli’s significant contributions to India’s flawless group stage, Gambhir emphasizes the equally crucial roles played by Rohit Sharma, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja, and KL Rahul. Despite collective excellence, the spotlight remains singularly on Kohli, according to Gambhir.

The former cricketer has consistently praised Rohit Sharma’s powerplay performances, labeling him a selfless leader. As India gears up for the semi-final clash against New Zealand in Mumbai, Gambhir’s critique raises questions about the balance between individual stardom and recognizing the collective efforts of the team.