“First of its kind in India,” BCCI President Sourav Ganguly introduces a startup

The BCCI top boss informed through his social media platforms that he will most likely come up with a startup that is first of its kind in India.

BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly, has announced through his social media handles that the former cricketing legend will come up with a startup that will benefit the country. The former Indian team captain set the social media on fire with his tweet that gave birth to various speculations. One such speculation that caught fire was that Ganguly would resign from the post of BCCI President and become a politician. However, BCCI Secretary, Jay Shah, soon plateaued the rumors and clarified that Ganguly hasn’t resigned.

Now, in a recent Instagram post, Ganguly, has shared a glimpse of his new journey where he will come up with a startup that will be “first of its kind in India”. The startup will not be an educational app, clarified Sourav Ganguly. The BCCI President will announce his initiative at 12 am.