“Especially Jaddu…he thinks every ball is out,” Indian captain Rohit Sharma opens up on DRS decision

Team India’s captain has shared his thoughts on DRS calls, which are sometimes made solely due to “bowler’s excitement,” making the decision difficult.

“DRS is a tricky one, honestly. It’s like a lottery. You get it right, you get it right, otherwise… you’ve just got to hope for the best,” he said. “You’ve just got to understand certain aspects of DRS – pitching in line, impact in line, those kinds of things, because in India there’s not too much bounce, so not every ball that hits the pad, the bounce is going to be a factor, but it’s crucial to understand impact and pitching.

Team India captain Rohit Sharma opened up about Jadeja’s excitement while discussing the DRS failure and some close calls.

“Especially Jaddu [Jadeja] yaar. Every ball he thinks it’s out. I understand, they’re quite animated, it’s just the passion of the game, but that’s where my role comes in, to say bhai, relax a little, it’s okay if it’s at least ending up somewhere near the stumps, but this isn’t even hitting the stumps, and some balls were even pitching outside [leg stump], so that was a silly mistake that we made but we hope to correct that in this game and we’ll have a small chat regarding this as well, and hopefully we can get it right in this game,” Rohit said on Wednesday (March 8).