England to use AI and advanced cameras for Ashes 2024 squad selection

The England Cricket Team is set to embrace a unique approach in selecting their squad for the highly anticipated Ashes 2024 series against Australia. The English Cricket Board (ECB) will be utilizing advanced camera technology in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid in the selection process. Ultimately, the final decision will be made by Brendon McCullum and Ben Stokes after analyzing the data extrapolated from these cutting-edge technologies.

Performance analyst Stafford Murray will be spearheading this initiative, employing a £500,000-a-year camera technology. This state-of-the-art system will help identify the perfect team composition capable of thriving in Australian conditions during the Ashes 2024.


England’s embrace of modern selection methods is not a novel concept. Earlier this year, during their tour of India, England handed a debut to Shoaib Bashir, whose high release point was deemed well-suited for the subcontinental conditions.

Furthermore, the team will be utilizing the iHawk system, which includes a camera attached to the umpire’s chest. This technology seamlessly records crucial data such as bowlers’ speeds, release points, and bowling trajectories, and has been in consistent use in England’s domestic circuit.

Stafford Murray, the performance analyst, shared insights into this ambitious project, stating, “It’s a massive project we’ve just started, on what it will take to win the Ashes. We’ll synthesize all that into a ‘what it takes to win’ model, and then we’ll work back from that – what do we need, what type of player do we need, and then we can start delving into selection from there.”

Murray emphasized the team’s commitment to taking bold decisions, adding, “If we’re brave, which I know we will be, we’ll be selecting in series before the Ashes with the Ashes in mind. It’s a blend and it’s an ongoing, iterative process, working towards a long-term goal.”

As England prepares for the highly anticipated Ashes 2024 series, their innovative approach to squad selection, combining cutting-edge technology with human expertise, showcases their determination to leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of regaining the prestigious urn.