England test captain Ben Stokes criticises Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle on “including culture” on Deepti Sharma-English media issue

Ben Stokes, the captain of England’s Test team, responded to Harsha Bhogle in a series of tweets and even called out Indian supporters after Bhogle criticised the English media for covering Deepti Sharma in the Lord’s ODI for Charlotte Dean’s run-out.


Since Deepti Sharma dismissed England’s Charlotte Dean through a way which is acceptable by some and unacceptable for others, mankading, to end the  3-0 ODI series victory for India at Lord’s.  Even though the MCC, the guardians of the rules of the game, has been steadfast in supporting it as a legal mode of dismissal, England players—both current and former—as well as other experts in British, have been aggressively disapproving Deepti Sharma’s mode of dismissal. On Friday, Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle criticised the English media on Twitter for how they had covered the situation.

Bhogle’s thread offended Stokes, who questioned why he was using culture in his responses to a “Mankad.” The red-ball captain for England also stated that he has been getting messages on the “2019 World Cup-incident” from Indians.

“Harsha … bringing culture into peoples opinion over a Mankad?,” said Stokes in one tweet. “Harsha .. 2019 WC final was over 2 years ago, I still till this day revive countless messages calling me all sorts from Indian fans, does this disturb you?,” he tweeted in a second post. “Is this a culture thing?? ….absolutely not,I receive messages regarding the overthrows from people all over world,as people all over the world have made comment’s on the Mankad dismissal, not just people who are English,” Stokes tweeted.