England doesn’t want to play the fifth Test after too many positive COVID-19 reports in Indian team

After the Indian team’s assistant physiotherapist Yogesh Parmar tested positive ahead of the fifth Test, the England Cricket team urges the Indian team to forfeit the match.


Coach Ravi Shastri, bowling Coach Bharat Arun, fielding coach Ramakrishnan Sridhar, Physiotherapist Nitin Patel, and now the assistant Physiotherapist of the Indian cricket team Yogesh Parmar, all have tested positive for COVID-19 while they were in England for the five-Test match series against them. The fifth Test is just a day away and now the England team wants India to forfeit the Test match because of too many COVID-19 cases in the team.

On Thursday, while team India was about to begin their practice in Manchester, where the fifth Test is going to be held, assistant physiotherapist Yogesh Parmar tested positive. After this news was out, the Indian team was told to go back to the hotel by the officials. England team didn’t seem much impressed with the regular COVID-19 news coming from the Indian side and they want the team to forfeit the match. If India forfeits the fifth Test, then the five-Test match series which the Indian team is leading will end at 2-2.

Despite, England has urged India to not play the final Test match, BCCI made a counter statement and said they will play the Test, they don’t want to forfeit it. BCCI’s statement has put England in worry as they are thinking about whether to keep protesting against the fifth Test or let the match happen. However, the statement will be released by the officials on this, whether to play the fifth Test, which is starting from Friday 10th September in Manchester or to suspend the match. Until now, the path to the fifth Test looks clear.