England Cricket talisman Joe Root admits he has been underperforming recently

In a game leading up to what would be his 100th Test for England, Joe Root opened up on his performances for England in Tests over the past year, citing them as “frustrating”. Root managed to score four fifties in 8 Tests but could not convert those half centuries into bigger scores. Root mentioned that he is aware that for his standards he has underperformed but has the motivation to get back to his best.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Root said, “I am very aware that in the last year or so of my career I have underperformed to my own standards,” 

“That happens from time to time and trying to stay as level as possible is something I think I have got better at – understanding that you can’t always have everything your own way. I have not been at my absolute best but I have not been really struggling. It’s just been frustrating that I have not had those really big scores that really contribute to winning games.

“I have pitched in here and there with the odd fifty-plus score but it doesn’t have the same feeling as a batter – you want to be making the big contributions, helping the side get across the line.

“That is the driver for me moving forward – to make more hundreds, to make those big, winning scores.

“There is no better feeling than doing well and winning games. Setting it up for your guys to go out there and take 20 wickets or you being there at the end having knocked off a score. Hopefully there will be a few occasions like that in the next 17 Test matches.”

Sri Lanka host England for 2 Tests (both in Galle) starting January 14.