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Effects of the Internet on Cricket betting


The internet has had a hugely positive effect on a sport that was already popular among fans and betting enthusiasts. It has grown the practice in ways that could not have been envisioned in the days of physical betting.

Increased Access to Cricket Betting.

With the internet, more people are able to place bets than when they had to visit physical bookmakers. In India, for example, internet penetration currently stands at 60%. This means that there is a more than 200% increase in the number of people who can bet on cricket today compared to a decade ago.


Cricket betting websites are currently more than physical houses that existed in the past. The list on cricfolks betting site gives a picture of just how huge this variety is. These sites can be accessed from almost the entire globe. This means that more people can now bet on the sport.

Moreover, the diversification of gadgets that can be used to access the internet has made things even easier. For instance, people can now bet on the go using their mobile phones and tablets.

Expanded Markets.


The Internet’s instant nature of things affects cricket betting positively too. Today, punters place bets on cricket matches on the go on with just the click of a button. They now bet on more than just the final score and a few other occurrences within the match. For instance, they bet on something as random as the next team to receive a caution on the pitch.

Easier Betting Management

Players are able to manage their betting sessions better when playing online. Firstly, sites store betting history and invoices. Secondly, players access winning betting combinations used by other punters. Using these statistics helps punters to manage their betting sessions better.

Increased Revenue

The larger number of people playing on online cricket betting sites means a greater turnover. As a result, the cricket betting industry has grown tremendously. In 2019, the value of the industry stood at around $85 billion.

This revenue means huge profits for betting operators. On top of that, governments that regulate these operators receive substantial revenue in the form of taxes and license fees.

Better Odds and Rewards.

Because of the huge pool of resources available, betting companies now offer better odds for players. Options like accumulator bets are also available. Moreover, cricket betting companies also offer more frequent and better rewards and promotions. Jackpots are now bigger and more regular.

Betting Companies CSR

As a result of increased revenue, cricket betting companies have more money to get directly involved in the sport. Many betting companies sponsor professional and amateur cricket teams worldwide. They are also regular sponsorship partners during cricket events. Others take part in grassroots cricket development by providing facilities and coaching equipment.

Besides that, companies are now more involved in community programs as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR). They take part in projects like clean water supply, business mentorship, and much more.

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