ECB Launches Independent Cricket Regulator for Enhanced Regulation and Independence

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) unveils the Cricket Regulator, an independent body focused on monitoring and enforcing compliance with cricket’s regulations. The move, recommended by the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC), aims to strengthen independence in regulatory processes and ensure clear separation from the ECB’s broader responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities of Cricket Regulator:
– Oversight of safeguarding, integrity (anti-corruption, misconduct, anti-doping), and anti-discrimination matters.
– Independent investigations into reported cases with the authority to present evidence to the Cricket Discipline Commission.


Operational Details:
– The Cricket Regulator operates independently and is ring-fenced from the ECB.
– The Cricket Discipline Commission will be repurposed as the Cricket Discipline Panel in 2024, as per the ECB’s response to the ICEC report.

Leadership and Interim Director:
– Dave Lewis, a former police chief with extensive experience, appointed as the interim director of the Cricket Regulator.
– Lewis tasked with setting up the Cricket Regulator, with a permanent successor to be appointed through an open recruitment process in 2024.
– Lewis will report to Nic Coward, the chair of the Cricket Regulatory Board.

ECB CEO Richard Gould emphasizes the importance of the Cricket Regulator’s independence, ensuring that its work remains distinct from the ECB’s role as the game’s promoter. The move is seen as a significant step to enforce regulations and uphold the standards of the game.